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Coast to Coast Costuming TM

claire z.


a play with music

adapted from Friedrich Durrenmatt's classic The Visit

adapted and directed by John Wuchte



Sacred Fools Theater, Los Angeles


Costume Designer

"Janét Vincent Lee's costumes are noteworthy and fun."

Dave DePino,  Backstage West 


"...bright, whimsical costumes by Janét Vincent Lee."

                                                  Philip Brandes,  Los Angeles Times

Challenge #1 - Create poor, drab, colorless townsfolk and transform them into bright, fashionable 1960s mods.


Challenge #2 - Create two blind, singing, Warholesque eunuchs, a mute butler, the rich recluse who owns them all, and her three lovers.


Challenge #3 - Create 31 costumes for 13 actors on a budget of $300.


                    DONE.       DONE.     and     DONE,    with $7 to spare.

Act 1 - The poor townies

Act 2 - The cool mods

Claire Z.  (the rich recluse)

Claire also  had a silver lamé mini-dress, beneath the leopard coat.

Terra Shelman

Photos by John Wuchte

Her Servants - the mute Butler, and the blind, singing Eunuchs

Eric Oleson


Tracy Mulholland and Kerri-Anne Lavin

The servants' fabric, in natural light.

Claire's Lovers

The Russian Swimmer

The Argentine Gigolo

The Carnaby Street Londoner

Yes, they are all

Bryan Endress-Fox

The Lover Who Spurned Her


Object of Claire's revenge.


The only man in town

who never gets a new change of clothes.









             His Wife.

Jaime Andrews

Scot Young

The Townsfolk

before and after Claire's money

Taylor Baugh

Mitchel Evans

The Mayor

The Teacher

Stacey Jackson

The Youngsters

Laura Napoli

Jaime Andrews

The Doctor

Joe Hendrix

The Doctor

Mark Petrie

The Priest

His Act One costume was a plain black cassock and horn-rimmed glasses.

A Townie

The Cop

His Act One

costume was a

navy blue uniform.  

Hmm, this guy looks mighty familiar...

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