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Excerpts from reviews




"BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS:   Janét Lee in Mixed Doubles.  Lee's performance as a squeaky-voiced bimbo and gun moll was a highlight of Theatre West's season."  

Joe Darby,  New Orleans States-Item  [Mixed Doubles] 



"...a fast-paced farce spiced with an exceptional performance by Janét Lee... Lee had the audience chuckling every time she batted an eyelash, and stole the show..." 

Cindy Herbert,  New Orleans Times-Picayune  [Mixed Doubles] 



"Janét Lee, as Adriana, wife of Antipholus of Ephesus, and Kristin Moffit... are both excellent, natural and effective in difficult roles."  

T.H. McCulloh,  Los Angeles Times  [The Comedy of Errors] 



"Janét Lee injects vivid passion into the proceedings as Brenda Simmons, the [Welsh] woman who claims to be having an affair with Arthur."  

Nancy Churnin,  Los Angeles Times  [An Act of the Imagination]



"Janét Lee as Caro, a backcountry religious snake-handler who is beginning to doubt her faith but has nothing with which to replace it... [is] outstanding." 

Joan Ray,  Sun Post News  [Talking With...] 



"Lee feels almost possessed around her crate of snakes and makes us see them even though this staging chooses not to show any."   

Robert Koehler,  Los Angeles Times  [Talking With...] 



"Surprisingly, amid this dreariness, Barbara Hollis ...and Janét Lee (Liz, his ex-wife) shined through like superstars.  Never missing a beat nor an inflection, these two were definitely slumming with this group." 

Stacy Davies,  Orange County Register  [Present Laughter] 



"Janét Lee stands out as Liz... his steady, sensible wife... Lee fares the best; her Liz is the smartest of the bunch and quietly funny because of it."  

Mark Chalon Smith,  Los Angeles Times  [Present Laughter] 



"Leading this pageant of egos is Natalie, a veteran of many stage productions who resents having to lower herself to fourth billing... Janét Lee scores high marks as the vain Natalie." 

Dave DelVal,  Dana Point News  [The Butler Did It] 



"...the show was postponed a week, both star and director replaced [12 days before opening]... ...a very affecting show with... a surprisingly effective rendition from Janét Lee, who rescued the theater group in the title role of Evy Meara.  Lee has done wonders with her character in the time allotted her...  ...Lee already has her character's nervous energy nailed, and her shaky faceoffs with her best friends are quite well done."  

Tom Titus,  Daily Pilot  [The Gingerbread Lady] 



"[This] production succeeds... due primarily to the strength of its cast... Their self-contained, unexaggerated performances are gratifying...  Lee's Evy is an exhausted creature, a self-loathing human punching bag.  For Evy's drunk scenes, Lee gets fired up and aptly obnoxious." 

Eric Marchese,  Orange County Register  [The Gingerbread Lady] 



"Robin Ward and Janét Lee... give interesting performances, with humor and some depth, and keep the wandering play alive... [covering a span of 25 years], requiring changes in performance and style that the actresses handle with ease." 

T.H. McCulloh,  Los Angeles Times  [Abundance] 



"Hand and Lee are particularly commendable in roles that provide the real focus of the piece."  

Joan Ray,  Sun Post News  [Abundance] 



"Janét Lee as Macon gets closest to the off-kilter comic tone of Henley's characters." 

Jeff Rubio,  Orange County Register  [Abundance] 



"...while Nick Cook and Janét Lee earned praise for previous performances, it can't compare to the multiple roles they produce for Dining Room.  With an ease that's impressive, they change like lightning ...from Irish maid [to] overbearing mother to flower child.  ...They assume and shed personas much like chameleons darting through a garden." 

Kacey Jordan,  Sun Post News  [The Dining Room] 



"Of the shady threesome, only voluptuous Janét Lee turns in a winning performance, running against the grain of her dumb blonde character (and some outrageously corny dialogue) to establish... credibility."  

Tom Titus,  Daily Pilot  [Everybody Loves Opal] 



"Janét Lee... sizzling as the hot-blooded Rosa Gonzales... her lovely voice dubs in beautifully for Alma's off-stage singing numbers, the high point being her rendition of 'Amazing Grace.' 

Nancy Churnin,  Los Angeles Times  [Summer and Smoke] 



"...these five people could work on an empty stage and provoke an emotional reaction. ...the outgoing, irrepressible wife played by Janét Lee carries the hearts of the viewers along with her through all her trials."  

Jan Hessel,  The Swallow's Tale  [Abundance] 



"Lee, who has some fun prancing around in spike heels and short-shorts... also did the lovely musical arrangements for the two hymns in the show." 

Nancy Churnin,  Los Angeles Times  [Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will?)] 



"Janét Lee makes a distinctive Evalita, the foul-mouthed, loose-moraled baby sister."  

Eric Marchese,  Orange County Register  [Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will?] 



"Most of the performers in this production are adept...  Corich and Lee are equally convincing in the ménage a quatre." 

Joan Ray,  Sun Post News  [Present Laughter]





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