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About Janét

Janét Vincent Lee is an American actor, singer, and designer, living in Austin, Texas.  Through more than 40 years as an artist, she has enjoyed working in all major formats: film, television, stage, and Internet.


Janét is a graduate of the Professional Conservatory of South Coast Repertory Theater.  She is multilingual, excels in foreign and regional dialects, and as an actor and voiceover artist has performed over 100 roles in genres including drama, comedy, musical, Shakespeare, suspense, fantasy, horror, science fiction, Western, and French farce.



Here's a recap of her background in acting, singing and costuming:


A lifelong entertainer, Janét's screen experience began with a commercial at age five.  While in high school she appeared weekly on live New Orleans television, dancing on The John Pela Show, and sang on stage, TV and radio with the award-winning pop quartet The Flowers.  After taking top honors in numerous talent competitions, the young ladies received an offer to record with Decca Records, but instead focused on their educational pursuits. 


During these same years Janét performed in choir, chorale and chamber ensembles, acted in theatrical stage productions, and began designing and building costumes.  While in college as an Education major, she studied fine arts, drama and Shakes-pearean theater, as well as working backstage to learn techniques of set design and construction. 


Meanwhile she danced with the Acadian Coquettes, performing kickline and jazz routines at campus events and at venues in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Experienced in gunplay and shooting, Janét performed for four years with the Cross Creek Cowboys, presenting Old West shows at dozens of venues and festivals throughout southern California and in Tombstone, Arizona. 


The troupe gained fame as the "town cowboys" of San Juan Capistrano, made numerous television appearances, and were featured in several newspapers and magazines.  Their many dozens of outdoor performances, involving the firing of weapons amid unpredictable spaces, audience placement and weather conditions, and with a fluid cast composition, required flexibility and quick thinking which taught Janét valuable improvisational skills.


As a producer of the troupe's half-hour film Bad Company, she worked in many capacities including Costume Designer, Wardrobe Mistress, Set Dresser and Script Doctor (Dialogue), as well as playing a co-starring role in the film. 


Simultaneously with her acting and costuming pursuits, Janét was also busy as a singer and songwriter, performing with various country, rock and blues bands throughout southern California, including a stint as lead singer of Nitro Express, a country-rock band based in San Diego.


Ultimately she formed her own band, Southern Thunder, playing classic country music in Orange County venues, appearing as guest stars in the City of Mission Viejo's summer concert series, and recording a CD entitled Southern Thunder which included several of her original songs.

Pam Panvelle, Janét Vincent, Suzette Roussell, Shay  MacDonald

A hiatus of several years followed, during which Janét focused on home and family before resuming dramatic training, modeling, and returning actively to the stage.  In her first New Orleans production, Mixed Doubles, she played a comedic gun moll à la Judy Holliday, winning a Way Off Broadway Award as Best Actress.


After relocating to southern California, Janét embarked on a busy 20-plus-year career onstage, in film and television, and in Internet productions.  Her acting credits include leading and supporting roles in more than 40 theatrical productions and a range of roles in as many film and TV projects, in California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Mexico. 


Janét has created over 100 characters, of many nationalities, ethnicities and cultures, speaking several languages.  She has performed dialogue in Spanish, Welsh and Gaelic.  Notably she portrayed a Punjabi Indian woman amid an all-Indian leading cast in the feature film Goodbye, My Friend, which enjoyed festival screenings in India and Bangladesh in addition to the United States.  


A graduate of the Professional Conservatory of South Coast Repertory Theater, Janet has honed her acting skills in various classes and seminars.  Although primarily a classical actor, she has studied the Strasberg Method and other techniques, all of which she considers valuable additions to her acting toolkit.


In addition to acting, she has worked in numerous backstage and off-camera capacities.

Involvement in the Old West troupe at a time when there were no commercial sources of Victorian-style clothing required Janét to undertake extensive costume history research, collect many 19th Century photographs, and examine historic garments in order to study construction and trim details.  This research ultimately led her to author the reference book Ladies' Fashions of the 1880s Southwest: a Costuming Guide for Actors and Re-Enactors.


As a costume designer and builder, Janét's creations representing many fashion periods have appeared in dozens of stage, film and television productions, and garnered strong reviews as well as an award for historic authenticity.  She served as costume advisor to the Cross Creek Cowboys, and as costume designer and wardrobe advisor of a number of film and stage productions.  She has also served as a consultant and costuming judge with various historically oriented organizations and events. 

Upcoming, Janét is slated to assist with costume design for a Western feature film, to be shot in Brackettville on the location of John Wayne's classic 1960 film The Alamo.

In 2011 Janét relocated to Austin, Texas and starred in the short film Talk to Me, which was filmed in the sweltering swamplands of Brazoria.


Having remarried and focused for a while on settling in to her new home town, Janét has become active in the local theater scene.  She provided Victorian costume accessories for Austin Shakespeare's Sunday in the Park With George, and since 2015 has sung annually in Christmas musical productions with the Austin Oak Hills Stake Choir and Orchestra. 

Janét most recently played the stage role of Mrs. Northrop in When We Are Married, with Different Stages Theatre troupe.  In this delightful Edwardian period comedy by J.B. Priestly, she played a Yorkshire housekeeper with an attitude, a fondness for liquor and a habit of eavesdropping.  The play, which ran January 12 - February 2, 2018 at Trinity Street Theatre in Austin, was directed by Norman Blumensaadt.

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