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A few of Janét's 100+ roles

Please use IMDb and ActorsAccess links below for résumé and additional project information.

Talk to me

directed by Joseph Long


as Donna

Starred in this short film by writer/director Joseph Long, filmed on location in steamy Brazoria, Texas. (comedy/drama)                                                                                          See it on YouTube here.

"When an empty gas tank leaves them stranded, a mother and daughter with a strained relationship must find a way to deal with one another as they wait for help.  What seems like a bad situation may in fact be the best thing that ever happened to them."

Ice packs and fans were not enough to prevent heat stroke during long, HOT days of shooting in the south Texas summer.  With Rochelle Ojeda.

"When Freddie crosses Angel's line, she crosses his. Escalation leads to the final line that Freddie must decide which way to cross - the line between

life and death.""


directed by Meghan Warner


as Ma

Played an emotional role in this short film by writer/producer/director Endless Meghan Warner.
(drama)                                                                                                        See it on Vimeo here.

A few candids taken during the shoot, in Hollywood.  With Jason Thomas.


directed by Sam Karras


as The Closet Monster

Played a creepy leading role in this short film by Sam Karras that will give you goosebumps.
(thriller/comedy)                                                                                        See it on YouTube here.

"A young boy gets a visit from what lives in his closet, and what lies BENEATH.""


directed by Tom Jennings


as Mary Surratt

Played the supporting role of conspirator Mary Surratt, in this TV-movie about the search for Lincoln's assassin.  Filmed at Fort Tejon, California.
(documentary/drama)                                                              Widely available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

"It was the largest manhunt in history--ten thousand federal troops, detectives and police hunted those responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln."

With Jean-Pierre Parent as John Wilkes Booth.

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